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Presented here are Macintosh Folder Icons. There are 90 of them to load and it may take some time. Thank you for being patient!

(Unfortunately, displaying these icons on the web required turning them into GIF files and the restricted web palette considerably deteriorated their appearance, especially of those containing smooth grey transitions. In the Finder they appear far better then here.)

Small Bird Folder

Cat Breeds Folder

Dog Breeds Folder

Dangerous Fangs Folder

Fish Folder

Lizards Folder

Vipers Folder

Tortoises Folder

Shooting Gallery Folder

Architects Folder

Archive Folder

Toni Avon Folder

CD Items Folder

Toll Free Folder

Chess Game Folder

Classic Art Folder

Clip Art Folder

Deep Purple Folder

Nature Protection Folder

Main Street Muffins Folder

Cooking Recipes Folder

Porcelain by Rosalin-de Folder

Control Panels Off Folder

Extensions Off Folder

Distribute Items Folder

E-Mail Folder

Floppy Disk Folder

Folder Inside Folder

Cyrillic Items Folder

PostScript Fonts Folder

TrueType Fonts Folder

New Year Present Folder

Fender Guitar Folder

Hard Drive Items (1) Folder

Hard Drive Items (2) Folder

Hippies Folder

Domestic Items Folder

Orthodox Icons Folder

Items in Progres Folder

Installers Folder

Follow The Money Folder

Keyboard Items Folder

Oh, Love Sweet Love Folder

Mac OS Items Folder

Mac OS 8 Items Folder

Mac OS 8.1 Items Folder

Mural Paintings Folder

My Signature Folder

Obituaries Folder

Palm Tree Folder

Pirates Folder

Communist Folder

Nazi Folder

Bulgarian National Flag Folder

Bulgarian Map (1) Folder

Bulgarian Map (2) Folder

Pre-trash Folder

Printer Items Folder

Not Entry Folder

Font Suitcases Folder

Application Utilities Folder

Utilities Folder

V•Art Studio (1) Folder

V•Art Studio (2) Folder

V•Art On The Web Folder

Cross Over DNA Folder

Extreme 3D Folder

Galaxy Folder

Mercury Folder

Venus Folder

Earth Folder

Mars Folder

Jupiter Folder

Saturn Folder

Uranus Folder

Neptune Folder

Pluto Folder

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