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Announcement of the oncoming release of the philatelic set "Bears"

in the national Bulgarian newspaper "Labor Act"

It reads:


October 19, 1988

Year LXII, issue 293

Philatelic news

• The Ministry of Communications have released into circulation a new series of entitled "Fauna – Bears".

As a stand alone issue this series is the first of its kind for the entire postage stamp history of Bulgaria.

The values and the respective subjects are as follows: 5 stotinki - Brown Bear; 8 stotinki - Polar Bear;

13 stotinki - Bamboo Bear; 20 stotinki - Malayan Bear; 32 stotinki - Spectacled Bear.

Their format is 28 X 36 mm. Numbers in circulation are 250,000 set sheets and 220,000 small sheets.

The new postage stamps have been created by the artist Vladimir Tzenov.

• Association "Bulgarian Philately and Numismatics" have opened a subscribtion for Bulgarian

postage stamps and for other philatelist collectables, as well as for postage stamps

of other socialist countries released during the year 1989.



"Bears" philatelic set listed

in the "2000 Scot Catalog"

The dates given here reflect the time when the

set was approved for printing. The actual

release took place late in 1989.


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