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Basically, SGRAPHITO consists of several colored layers of mortar, applied to a classic

brick wall which the artist removes by cutting, scraping, and etching, thus exposing

areas of the desired layer following a preliminary design. These layers are usually

colored from a darkest as the base one and every subsequent being gradually lighter

than the previous but all kinds of combinations are possible. Of course, sgraphito

does not allow for much smooth color transitions and gradations and it's appropriate

for designs more linear and decorative in nature but skillful artists can achieve

surprisingly soft and transparent lace-like filigree effects for such a "rugged"

technology. In its classic form sgraphito requires solid, brick or stone walls.

Unfortunately, these aren't commonly found in most of the USA. However,

imitating the aesthetic effect of this technology is possible and after some

experimentation this artist developed a successful solution to the problem.